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Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a common practice in medical billing. Most doctors will find themselves outsourcing their medical billing to an at-home specialist, a professional medical billing company or a practice management company. Here are some of the reasons doctors choose to outsource their billing to Shore Physician Solutions:

  • Reduce Overhead
  • Increased Cash Flow
  • Reduced outstanding Accounts Receivables
  • Customized Reports Analyzing your Practice
  • No need to invest thousands of dollars on a new system
  • No need to retrain staff on new system
  • Eliminate the high cost of benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, vacation time, sick time, and pension plans
  • Shortened payment cycles
  • Reduce claim rejections and resubmission errors
  • Access your Patient Account information via your own computer at anytime
  • You and your staff will have more time and space to treat patients
  • Savings on supplies, clearinghouse fees, postage, and software
  • Free staff to assist with patient care
  • We receive all phone calls regarding patient accounts
  • Timely patient billing and insurance reimbursement
  • Payment deposited directly into providers account (EFT)
  • Personalized and comprehensive support for your staff
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