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Why doctors should outsource their billing??

Billing is not a doctor's "core competency."

Doctors are seeing more patients and need their staff to help them in seeing and processing the patients.

Doctors have trouble collecting money from patients and insurance companies.

Doctors waste a lot of time and money doing their billing "in-house."

Claims processed in-house do not get submitted in a timely manner.

Doctors (and their staff) do not have time to resubmit rejected claims.

Large numbers of claims are rejected due to staff errors or outdated software.

Doctors lose rightful income due to under-coding their visits.

Doctors spend a lot of money on staff training and benefits.

Server-based software constantly needs updating.

Doctors are concerned about Medicare audits.

Doctors are confused about the new healthcare legislation and how to qualify for the stimulus money available from the government.

Doctors offices are drowning in paperwork.

For more information on how Shore Physician Solutions, LLC can help your practice with any of the above listed items, please contact us at 732-678-5884 or

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