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New Practice Consulting

Shore Physician Solutions specializes in new practice consulting. We provide a variety of consulting services including:

Training front office staff

Introducing an employee handbook and policy manual

Creating master copies of patient forms

Organizing filing systems

Customized Superbills/Charge slips to fit your specific needs

Full Service Billing

Our billing services include electronic and paper claims submissions. We process claims electronically to all carriers that accept electronis submission. Payers that do not accept electronic submission will be sent via paper claim (additional charges may apply). We will then follow-up with insurance carriers and/or clearinghouse to assure claims have been accepted. We will forward secondary claims upon receipt of primary's EOB. We will also post all payments and track all claims that have gone unpaid beyond 30 days. If an unpaid or underpaid claim requires an appeal, we will resubmit the claim with the required information and handle all necessary follow-up.

Our full billing service also includes generating patient statements on a weekly basis. We provide a "soft" collection method for patients consisting of letters and telephone calls, if necessary. We also work closely with a collections agency, for a minimal fee, for accounts that have been more than 120 days delinquent in payment. Our service also includes customized monthly reports that reflect charges, deposits, adjustments, and patient balances.

Accounts Receivable Recovery

Shore Physician Solutions provides services to include contacting the insurance carriers to determine claim status. If a claim was never received, never paid, or is not on file, we will resubmit the claim to the insurance carrier. Follow-up will be performed per claim status. Claims requiring medical records will have the records attached and resubmitted.

Practice Management

Shore Physician Solutions provides a variety of consulting to small to medium sized healthcare providers. Some of the services offered include:

  • Training of the front staff
  • Analyze and update all CPT and ICD-9 & ICD-10 codes
  • Review and/or create forms for Physicians Credentialing

We work closely with your staff to provide a smooth transition and understanding of all new material. Physicians can choose from an hourly or per day rate.

Physician Credentialing

Shore Physician Solutions will perform initial credentialing and/or re-credentialing for every provider in your office. Applications for all insurance companies, including 855's for Medicare, are completed and stored in our database. We attach all relevant documents, such as current license, CME's, declarations pages, malpractice narratives, certification, etc. to complete application and then send to you for signatures.

Insurance Verification

Verifying benefits before a patient is seen in the office is an essential step to ensure payments from insurance carriers. Ideally performed in-house, Shore Physician Solutions offers this service to those practices who are insufficiently staffed to handle this task.

Patient Correspondence

Routine correspondence such as recall cards/letters (appointment reminders) and thank you cards to colleagues and patients are an integral part of maintaining patient base and loyalty. We can either use your card or customize one to fit your patients needs. Patients will receive timely notices of when they are due for an appointment. We can also create patient birthday cards to strengthen your relationship with them, promote referrals, and promote repeat business. Shore Physician Solutions is proud to offer this valuable service.

Please contact us regarding pricing and other services in question. 

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