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Medical Billing Technology

Shore Physician Solutions is committed to providing clients with medical billing technology that provides advanced medical billing services to maximize the efficiency of the reimbursement cycle. The HIPAA compliant software that SPS utilizes enables clients to have real-tiem access to their financial profile with the peace of mind that HIPAA regulations are met and patient information is secure. SPS handles that medical billing reimbursement process from patient data entry to transaction entry to collection, utilizing the latest technology in medical billing software and computer hardware.

How It Works

Each client has access to their individual patient database which is store on a secure server. Through an exclusive login via the Internet, healthcare providers may access their patient database from any computer that has an Internet connection. Within this private network, providers ccan establish new patients in their database, review patient data, print reports, and more. Meanwhile, SPS is managing the claims submission process and submitting the medical claims electronically to the clearinghouse for processing. Since SPS uses the same system that the physicians have access to at their office, all SPS clients have up-to-the minute access to claims analysis and status reports.

Technology Features

  • Easy to Use & Understand

All of the information from your patient database in presented in a concise, organized format.

  • Comprehensive and Customizable Reporting

A complete set of accounting and management reports that allow for date ranges, separation by location and other important queries.

  • Security Mechanisms

Several security mechanisms exist to prevent unauthorized access to your records while meeting HIPAA regulations. The system requires an authorized login and password. Every change made within the system is tracked and stamped with the user's identification, time, and date. Security tracking enables you to produce a HIPAA audit trail on demand.

  • Patient Research Reports

This report will locate patients and charges based upon almost any criteria. The selection criteria is virtually any information about the patient, charge and policy. This makes it easy to provide patients with an update about their account the next time they have an appointment.

  • No Server or Software Maintenance

All software updates are automatically processed on the server so there is no software to download or upgrade in the physician's office.

  • HIPAA Compliance

The software system meets the mandated regulations of secure patient data.

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